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Excellence in Service

The over whole purpose of this evaluation tool is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and to evaluate the quality
of services at Bugema University. The information given to us will treated with at most confidentiality.

The BU E-Learning Platform

1. I am comfortable with the systems response
2. I get notifications about upcoming events and activities about LMS
3. Learning materials are easily accessible at anytime
4. The online courses use a variety of tools, resources and applications to facilitate student learning and engagement
5. I attended student training on the use of LMS at Bugema University
6. On-line course content uses many different learning styles
7. Online course design needs less technical support
8. The system is available all the time

Virtual/Online Methods

1. There was availability and stability of the system during the learning
2. The use of LMS has eased my learning at Bugema University
3. I have benefited from the University internet services (Eduroam)
4. The course uses a variety of online tools to facilitate student comprehension and engagement
5. I was notified on the training dates of LMS
6. I was able to attend most of my on-line lectures and live classes
7. There is proper information flow between other departments and the Virtual Learning Directorate
8. The enrolment on BU/EMS is smooth

Content and Active Learning

1. There is consistency in teaching and learning
2. Topic was widely covered
3. The presentations were clear and easy to understand
4. Multimedia usage was satisfactory
5. Interactivity was used by the lecturer
6. The contents loaded were engaging


1. Examination questions were relevant to the course studied
2. The time given for the exam was adequate
3. I used the full time for the exams without any interruption
4. The exam was available at the scheduled time

Bugema University E- resources (BU- E- library)

1. I was oriented and trained on accessing BU Library E- resources
2. The E- resources are adequate for my area of study
3. I always utilised Bu – E- resources

Virtual learning directorate

1. There is information flow between students and the virtual learning directorate
2. The response rate from the directorate upon any inquiry is prompt

School/ Departmental services

1. The HOD is always available and helpful in the registration, inquiries etc
2. My HOD communicates to us and is approachable.
3. The secretary is always available and supportive

Registrar’s Office services

1. I am acquitted with the registration process
2. I always receive assistance from Bugema University Registrar’s office regarding the registration and other inquires in this areas
3. I received all my grades for the past semester on time.
4. Rate the services of the registrar’s office at Bugema University?

Finance / accounts services

1. I acquitted with Bugema University E- payments procedures such as school pay etc
2. I can easily access the services at the business offices
3. The inquiries at the business office are attended to promptly and satisfactorily

The following attributes have been divided into Teaching Procedures (1- 13), Student Assessment (14- 18), and Lecture student
Relationships (19- 25). Read each statement carefully and then indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with that statement
describing the lecturer’s behavior. Next to each statement is where you select an appropriate number/choice according to the five-point scale
ranging from 0 to 4 for each behavior and the numbers on the scale are described here below

4 - Always, 3 - Most of the time 2 - Sometimes, 1 - Seldom, 0 - Never

Lecturer's Name
Lecturer 1
Lecturer 2
Lecturer 3
Lecturer 4
Lecturer 5
Lecturer 6
Lecturer 7
Lecturer 8
Lecturer 9

1. Provided a course outlineat the begining of the semester
2. Begins and ends Lecturers on time
3. Presents lectures in a clear an well organised manner
4. Speaks fluently, clearly and is audible
5. Learning aids, used add to your understanding of lecture material.
6. Classifies new and unfamiliar words and phrases.
7. Willingly and honestly responds to questions and opinions of students.
8. Is well prepared and does not give irrelevant examples.
9. Is patient with slow learning students.
10. Criteria for determining grades is clearly stated.
11. Assessment questions given reflect material assigned and/or covered in class.
12. Reviews assessments in class to promote learning.
13. Awards grades that fairly reflect students’ work.
14. Shares personal experiences with students to encourage their growth and development.
15. Students feel free to discuss personal problems with lecturer because he/she keeps them confidential.
16. Lecturer’s ways of self-conduct encourage students to adopt a God-fearing lifestyle.
17. Socially approachable and professionally interacts with students.
18. Lecturer responds to emails and other communication channels within 24 hours or less
19. Lecturer handles inappropriate discussion postings and other unacceptable online behaviour.
20. Socially approachable and professionally interacts with students.
21. Lecturer demonstrates respect, courtesy, and fairness to all our needs and inquiries.

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